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Mature Dating : Why Learn Scripted Game?

by Samuel Jackson

There are some of you that are still as hesitant as I was to learn and use scripted game, so I thought I'd  put up a very short post on the benefits of it. Keep in mind that scripted game isn't necessarily what everyone else is using, but can be of your own creation, like much of the material I use:

Scripted Game Eliminates The Need For Alcohol

One of the things that I've noticed, is that when you're using scripted game, you don't need alchol to place yourself in a "fun person" type mood. When you know exactly what to say, all you're doing is repeating what you KNOW works, so you don't need alcohol to fuel random conversation and playfulness.

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Scripted Game Is Easier To Teach Your Friends

Of course, none of us really like the way most gurus lay it out, but if you simplify it enough, you can easily teach it to your friends. What this means, is that when you take them out, they will be much more reliable wingmen.

Scripted Game Is Turnkey

Sure, you may look great, and be able to pull a random girl if you just keep at it long enough, but it doesn't guarantee anything. When you use scripted game, you know that you will sleep with "x" amount of mature women per mature women you approach. This isn't necessarily indirect game. Paul Janka uses a turnkey type scripted system as well.

Scripted Game Keeps You In Check

A lot of the times, you'll be talking to or involved with a girl, and for whatever reason, you'll feel the need to say or do something that you aren't sure of what the results will be. This random thinking will cause you to lose a lot of mature women. Scripted game is based on what works and takes a lot of the chancey guess work out of gaming mature women.

Scripted Game Is Error Free

The biggest change in my game, is that I ONLY USE WHAT WORKS. If you stick to the system, you will get laid. There are no errors in my game. Do you know what warm up sets are for? They aren't for when your scripted game goes wrong; they're to get you warmed up and correct the errors you're making by not sticking to the script.

And Most Importantly, Scripted Game Is Easy To Analyze

When you follow a script and something goes wrong, you can pinpoint EXACTLY where you screwed up. When using random type game, you can never be sure of exactly where you went wrong (or right). 99% of the time, when a guy screws up with a set, it's because he approached the wrong type of set (i.e. a set with their backs turned to him or already in a deep conversation), he said something that wasn't in the script, or he didn't progress when the script called for him to be progressing (i.e. progressing from attraction to comfort).

In Conclusion

The more things that you place under your own direct personal control, the easier of a time you're going to have with mature women. Your positive results will rise dramatically with each and every factor that you place under your control. Scripted game isn't about using someone else's material, it isn't about direct or indirect game; it's about having a PROVEN system that works every step of the way. If you ever want to be successful in life, whether it's business, the gym, or in school, the more factors that you place under your direct control, the more likely you are to succeed. Randomness is for those that don't have a solution for success.